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PCT International® RG6 3GHz CCS Single Coaxial Cable, 1000ft Reel-in Box (Black)


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Description & Features

PCT International® RG6 3GHz CCS Single Coaxial Cable, 1000ft Reel-in Box (Black)
PCT International’s MOCSY®7 75 Ohm coaxial CATV cable is the reliable, cost-effective solution for today’s bi-directional broadband systems. Designed and manufactured entirely by PCT International, MOCSY7 cable offers service providers the lowest possible cable cost while meeting or exceeding SCTE specifications to ensure reliable, long-life performance. Additionally, MOCSY7 is now specified to MoCA frequencies.

Center Conductor
The center conductor is solid copper-clad steel wire for maximum signal transfer at RF frequencies and excellent strength during installation. The copper is metallurgically bonded to the steel per the requirements of ASTM B 566, Class 10 A. In addition, a proprietary, specially designed adhesive is applied as a coating to the outer surface of the center conductor to keep moisture from the interior of the cable and to sustain overall cable mechanical integrity.

Braid Layers
PCT coax is constructed with four layers of braid. Alternating layers of base shield-tape and 34 AWG aluminum wire enhance the shielding required in harsh environments and provide the highest level of protection from signal ingress and egress.

PVC Jacket
High quality jacketing is used to protect the cable both from the rigors of installation and the environment.

Beastly Box
PCT International’s bulk wire boxes stand tall as they have the strength and durability to withstand multiple installs. These boxes will handle any harm that comes their way! Made to perform for a lifetime, rest assured knowing that the cable is always protected.

Simple Install
PCT cables have easily strippable jackets that help make your install both fast and easy.

Dish Approved
This product is certified by Dish Network and is listed on the approved parts list. Dish Approved products are a limited selection of items that meet Dish Network quality certifications. Installers can rest assured that with this product, they won’t be charged back for using the wrong cable or wire.

PCT International®
PCT’s collaborative approach to product development results in advances that simplify installation and maintenance; improve the integrity of HFC and fiber infrastructures; reduce truck rolls and other associated costs; and most importantly - - increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn. By working closely with customers’ field engineering personnel, PCT produces equipment and components that straightforwardly address real needs and enable operators to “Harden the Drop.”

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