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Nstallmates Universal Cable Stripper


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Description & Features

Nstallmates Universal Cable Stripper
The Nstallmates Universal Cable Stripper is loaded with features giving you incredible value! This tool does it all. It can cut and strip almost every cable you will encounter during an installation job. It works great with all of our single wired Skyline cables.

Strips Coax
This tool can strip all of the most prevalent coax cables. Equipped with a duel sided blade cassette, this tool is capable of stripping RG6, RG59, RG7, and RG11. This tool can strip them all! And with the pre measured stops, there is no need to guess the length; making for quicker and more accurate strips.

Strips Network & Speaker Wire
With the twist of a dial, the stripping blade adjusts to the perfect length to either strip network or speaker wire.

Strips Flat Phone Cable
Stripping flat phone wire is simple with this tool. Two blades are spaced slightly apart giving an even strip every time.

Clean Cut
Why have a separate tool to cut your wire? Included on the tool are two cutting blades. One blade cuts round wire such as network, coax, and speaker cable. The other blade is able to cut flat phone cable. Having the cutting blades included on the tool adds versatility and convenience. This tool is truly unique.

Spring Loaded
Equipped with duel springs, this tool provides exceptional tension giving you perfect pressure when stripping wire. The springs also return the handles back to the proper position to be ready for the next task. The springs are held tightly within the tool so there is no chance of the spring falling out and getting lost.

Removable Blades
RG6 and RG59 blades are on one side of the cassette due to the similarity in size of the two cables. RG7 and RG11 blades are located on the opposite side of the cassette. To adjust the size of cable you want to strip, just remove the cassette, flip, and replace.

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