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Nstallmates 9in Flexible Retrieval Hooks, 3pcs


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Description & Features

NSM1005 Cable Retrieval Hooks. These 9in flexible retrieval hooks are made from spring steel and are perfect for wire fishing. They are inexpensive, handy, and store easily in your tool belt. With a small hook at one end and a larger “L” shaped hook at the other, these wire fishing devices are perfect for any size project. They are designed to be able to handle wire fishing tasks with only a quarter-inch hole to work with. The NSM1005 retrieval device can handle fishing larger bundles of wire as well, by simply using the hook at the other end. To maximize the potential of this dual-sided hook design, both hooks are facing the same direction allowing you to keep track of how the other end is facing, even when it is out of sight. Quantity: 3 hooks.
  • Spring Steel
  • Dual-sided hook design
  • Length: 9in
  • Gross Weight: 0.03 lbs
  • Quantity: 3

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