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NstallMates Premium Snap & Cut Tool


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Description & Features

NstallMates Premium Snap & Cut Tool

The NSM1038 is our new Telecom Splice Crimp Tool that has many desirable and convenient features. This particular tool is designed for use with phone and low voltage splice connectors. Designed to work flawlessly with our SKY9070 UR Splice Connectors, the NSM1038 crimps down to a perfect pressure allowing for easier crimping with fewer mistakes.


Get a Grip!

You won’t have butterfingers with this tool. It has a slip-resistant grip that’s extremely comfortable. The grip itself is an ultra-bright florescent yellow and can be easily found in any large bag of tools. The NSM1038 also has a polished finish, making the tool look as good as it feels!


Spring Loaded

Equipped with a durable spring, the NSM1038 seamlessly returns the handles back to the proper position to ready for the next crimp. The spring is held tightly within the tool so there is no chance of the spring falling out and getting lost.


Perfect Pressure Crimping

The tool applies the exact needed pressure to allow for a consistent crimp without damaging the splice connector.


Cut It Out!

Need the wire cut too? This tool has you covered. Two sharp blades come together and make a clean and accurate cut on even the toughest of wires

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