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NstallMates™ Pocket Cable Toner


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Description & Features

NstallMates™ Pocket Cable Toner

Let’s face it, not every cable run is going to be perfect. Sometimes there are opens or shorts. The NstallMates™ Pocket Cable Toner is an easy-to-use tool for testing your coax cable runs. This clever little device lets you check for your cables’ continuity as well as for short or open circuits. The push-on connector sits at a right angle making it a breeze to use!


Watch Your Tone!

Testing a cable is fast and easy. Simply plug the sender into a wall jack in a room. Back at the location where the cables meet, connect one cable at a time to the device until you hear the tone… This means you’ve found your cable!


All the Small Things

Everything counts, even on a tool as small as this. It’s made of a rugged anodized aluminum body and will withstand just about any daily wear. It features an LED that indicates any DC shorts. And, it features a pocket clip-on for easy carrying on site.


Uses AAA Battery

Unlike those other pocket toners that use special, hard-to-find batteries, our Pocket Cable Toner is powered by a single AAA battery. So, when the battery runs out, you’ll have no problem running to the store to find another.


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