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NstallMates 6” Pro Series Flashlight Featuring Cree Technology


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Description & Features

NstallMates 6” Pro Series Flashlight Featuring Cree Technology

The entire NstallMates line is focused on bringing you great quality products that makes certain your job gets done right. This flashlight is extremely tough, durable, and bright. What more could you ask for in a flashlight? It has many features including an adjustable lens to increase focus or increase range. This helps tailor your light the way you want and need it.


High Performance Cree Q3

Cree Inc. has set a new standard with LED bulbs. They are far ahead of the curve with their innovative and superior products. This flashlight is equipped with their super-bright 120 lumen LED that has a shinning distance of 200M. This flashlight is guaranteed to impress.


Confident Grip

You won’t have to worry about this light slipping through your hands. With several groves it feels perfectly natural in the palm of your hand.



This flashlight has a cloth wristlet to ensure you won’t drop it on the ground. You can also use this strap to hang the light on the wall to help keep your tools organized.


Light and Durable

Weighing only about a ¼ lb, our flashlight won’t fatigue your arm like other flashlights on the market. And, at 6” x 1.5”, this flashlight is large but not bulky. To accomplish this we used a super-hard, lightweight aluminum casing. Aluminum is remarkable at resisting corrosion while giving it a stalwart frame.


Many More Features

No need for specialized or oversized batteries, this flashlight uses (3) regular AAA batteries that you can find at any convenient store. It’s water-resistant, drop-proof, and roll resistant. In addition, it has three modes: bright, medium, and flash mode.


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