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NstallMates 4-way coax mapper with Color Coded Indicators


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Description & Features

NstallMates 4-way coax mapper with Color Coded Indicators
This hand-held multi-function tester will save you time - and money - on your very next CATV installation. Not only can you tone multi-run coax systems terminated with F-connectors to distinguish which cable is run to each room, but you can also test for opens, and shorts, making this tool a must have!

Work smarter, not harder…
Ever been on the job and find yourself constantly running up and down the stairs just to tone and label each and every coaxial run? Simplify your work load by using this 4-way mapper from Nstallmates! The mapper comes with 4 color coded terminators that you plug onto the jack of every room that has a coaxial run. Next, go to the cable box where all the runs lead to and choose a cable, connect the mapper to the cables and wait for light indicator to tell you which room you're connected to! The last step is to label the cable accordingly and be on your way…

Long lasting performance
Since some of us are rough on our tools, we've included a mesh case to keep your mapper looking and performing well…And we've equipped you with a push on F-Fitting to keep your connector port free from wear n' tear.

Just in case
We hear stories about how technicians lose the terminators all the time. The biggest reason for losing them seems to be that there was never any central place to keep them. At Nstallmates we've gone the extra mile to make sure you keep your little colored terminators for as long as possible…We simply made the unit your carrying case! That's right; the bottom of this unit has a removable cap that allows access to hollow compartment for storing your terminators.
How clever is that!?

  • Test coax cable with F or BNC connectors using the adapter.
  • Detect, Display, and beep open or short conditions
  • Display PASS when no failures are indicated for each remote.
  • Send tone signal to center pin of coax cable
  • Includes 4 ID Finders: No 1. Red, No 2. Blue, No 3. Orange, and No 4. Green

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