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NEAR® 6XL Outdoor Amplifier, 600 Watts per Channel, 70V/8 Ohm


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Description & Features

NEAR® 6XL Outdoor Amplifier, 600 Watts per Channel, 70V/8 Ohm
Make your outdoor system really sing! The NEAR® 6XL was specifically designed to power outdoor loudspeaker systems. It belts out 600 watts per channel efficiently and reliably - more than enough to power any outdoor speaker to concert-level volumes. Several features developed in conjunction with NEAR’s commercial audio engineers assure that the 6XL will deliver years of reliable performance: Sleep mode saves power; clipping limiters eliminate signal overload; AC back slope regulation along with DC overload, thermal and short circuit protection.

Flexible and Smart Power
The NEAR 6XL Power Amplifier delivers on what professional sound installers require most: Power and Reliability. It perfectly suits any outdoor sound system design. It can drive either 70 Volt or 8 Ohm lines and each input is equipped with switchable High-Pass/Low-Pass filters. The Low-Pass also incorporates a subwoofer EQ for bass extension below 40Hz. And, for additional flexibility and convenience, both channels offer a choice of RCA and XLR inputs and volume controls.

Reliability and Functionality
Driven by a conservatively-rated toroidal power transformer, the amplifier is built for solid performance with low distortion and a high slew rate. The amplifier requires little maintenance and cleaning as internal electronic components are located outside of the forced air stream flow. Front-mounted fan filters provide easy removal and cleaning. The 6XL amplifier has a variety of electronic protection circuits including overcurrent, DC voltage, and thermal circuits. A special Clip/Limiting circuit continuously monitors the amount of distortion in the output signal and reduces input levels as the amplifier approaches clipping.

Back-Slope™ Voltage Stabilization
Back-Slope™ AC Voltage Stabilization, Bogen‘s patented voltage stabilization circuitry, regulates the AC energy supplied from the power toroid. This improves both system performance and reliability despite varying AC supply conditions.

Power Conservation
An energy-conserving sleep mode (defeatable) with instant-on return signal operation reduces wasted heat production in systems when not in use. In addition, large output heat sinks and dual independently-controlled, high-output, variable speed fans provide superior cooling and quiet operation while reducing dust accumulation.

New England Audio Resource (N.E.A.R.) was founded in 1988 by Bill Kieltyka, a former engineer with the legendary high-end speaker company Bozak. Today, the NEAR designs take advantage of over 28 years of single-minded dedicated development of outdoor loudspeakers. From frigid mountain-tops, to high-humidity Central America, NEAR speakers have seen it all. They have been exposed to (and survived) indoor pools with high chlorine content, fertilizer spray, bug and animal infestations. One listen and you'll hear why music lovers agree that NEAR speakers offer an ideal combination of performance, durability and value.

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