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MTX Audio® Lolita 8” Low-Profile Subwoofer


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Description & Features

MTX Audio® Lolita 8” Low-Profile Subwoofer

MTX is a household name for a reason, they rock! The Lolita 8” sub was created to shake the house while discreetly hiding in the room. The Lolita 8” subwoofer is a carpet covered subwoofer that has a beautiful look and matches well with its beautiful sound. MTX sets the standard in cost-efficient audio with excellent sound and build quality.


Drop it Lowwww

With its total height at 7”, this MTX low profile sub is very discreet. Short and slim, this subwoofer can fit under or behind tables and other furniture. This sub can also be turned on its side and stored between two objects.


Are You Sure It’s Not a 12” Sub?

This 8” sub brings the heat. Deep pounding bass floods the whole room. With the power this sub puts out, people will think you own a much larger sub. The deep bass is perfect when watching a movie, listening to music, or even watching your favorite sport on television.


So Many Options!

With several different easy to understand input and output connections, the Lolita 8” Subwoofer gives you multiple options of devices it can hook up to!


Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind

You won’t see a large, bulky sub in the middle of the room, but you will feel one. This 8” sub’s high RMS power at 100W and low frequency of 48Hz is sure to impress.


Crank it Up!

This sub can take what your stereo dishes out. Loud, clean bass with minimal distortion makes this sub a real gem.



Peak Power


RMS Power



High Line/Line

Subsonic Filter

18db @ 30Hz

Phase Switch


Auto Turn On/Off



Frequency Response +/-3db



23¾”W x 7"H x 12¼”D

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