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Luxul Xen™ XAP-1010 High Performance Flush Mount 802.11n Wireless Access Point


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Description & Features

Luxul Xen™ XAP-1010 High Performance Flush Mount 802.11n Wireless Access Point

The Luxul Xen™ High Performance Flush Mount 802.11n Wireless Access Point (XAP-1010) is designed for discreet use in residential and commercial Wi-Fi installations—delivering optimal network performance, while blending unobtrusively with the décor when installed inside a wall or ceiling. Powered by Luxul’s Xen3D™ Technology, the XAP-1010 enhances data and coverage by as much as 400% over traditional Wi-Fi gear, providing for whole home or small office coverage with a single access point.


Xen3D™ Technology

The XAP-1010 represents the most advanced and powerful Wireless Access Point technology on the market. It combines the benefits of industry standard 802.11n wireless networking with Luxul’s exclusive and patented Xen3D technology. Xen3D enhances the performance of the overall wireless network by increasing the access point coverage area while also enhancing the receive sensitivity of wireless client devices. This combination ensures a superior Wi-Fi experience that is unmatched by traditional wireless access points.


Network Integrity

Designed for installation simplicity, the XAP-1010 requires only a single Ethernet cable to deliver both power and data from any 802.3af or legacy POE injector or switch—significantly reducing installation time and complexity. Plus, because it delivers four times the performance of a traditional wireless access point, the XAP-1010 eliminates the need to deploy multiple access points to provide full residential or small office coverage. This reduces complexity, costs and time associated with network deployment. It also enhances network integrity by eliminating the need for client roaming.


Hassle-Free Setup

Luxul has designed the XAP-1010 to require only minimal configuration—making setup simple and hassle-free. The XenSmart™ web based interface provides for an easy 3-step setup, with more advanced options available when needed. POE support further simplifies the installation process. For maximum benefit, the XAP-1010 is part of the XenConnect™ product suite and is designed to seamlessly integrate with other Luxul Xen switch and router products.


Superior Performance

Luxul is recognized worldwide for delivering high performance networking solutions that increase performance, reliability and usability while reducing costs associated with installation and maintenance. All Luxul wireless solutions implement our patented signal enhancement technologies that have been proven to increase high data throughput wireless coverage by 400% or more over traditional Wi-Fi gear. All Luxul Xen™ wired networking products support the most commonly used enterprise-class features and performance standards, without the overhead and costs associated with unnecessary features—making them a perfect solution for building a robust, powerful and cost-effective residential or commercial network.


Proven Technology

Luxul technologies are used worldwide to significantly increase network performance, reliability and usability in a wide range of applications and environments. Luxul products are used extensively to provide superior connectivity in both fixed and mobile networks. Many Luxul products are also designed for use in rugged and harsh environments.


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