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Labor Saving Devices Wet Noodle Chain and Connector (Replacement)


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Description & Features

Labor Saving Devices Wet Noodle Chain and Connector (Replacement)
The LSD1045 Chain and Connector is a replacement for the original found with our LSD1046 Wet Noodle Magnetic In-Wall Retrieval System. The LSD1045 is perfect for fishing wires through uninsulated walls. Made of steel, LSD's nickel plated chain is extremely durable and maneuverable.

Long (10ft) Chain
The long length of the chain helps when running a wire down from the ceiling. 10’ is a perfect length for most installs, but, for the occasional tall ceiling, this chain is equipped with a small connector (at one of its ends) that can attach to another chain doubling the length!

Stop Ring
This “stop ring” helps to prevent the chain from falling down the wall and probably lost forever. The ring simply lies against the wall waiting for you to tie off or tape the wire to the bottom of the chain and it gives you a small handle to pull the chain back up. It's a simple yet very important feature.

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