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Labor Saving Devices Replacement Bit Base 7/16 (Replacement)


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Description & Features

Labor Saving Devices Replacement Bit Base 7/16 (Replacement)

Our LSD1018 is a replacement drill bit for the LSD1020 Base-Boar-Zit Drill Bit Kit. Unfortunately drill bits have a limited lifetime. They last through countless jobs, but eventually they need to be replaced. We make it easy to replace the worn out drill bit to make your kit complete again.


This drill bit has amazing flexibility as it is able to create a curved hole from just below the carpet line up to the center of the floor plate in the wall.

Clean as a Whistle

When you use this drill bit (along with the kit) to run a cable up the wall, you’re guaranteed to get the cleanest and most professional look.

*Tech Tip*

When cleaning the drill hole, remember to always keep the drill motor in the forward position. If the drill motor is in the reverse position, it can de-line the cable on the drill bit and possibly ruin it.

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