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Labor Saving Devices 84-206 6ft Fiberglass Wire Pusher


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Labor Saving Devices 84-206 6ft Fiberglass Wire Pusher
These economical fiberfuse fiberglass rod pushers are florescent green and reflect light shined on them. They are .175” in diameter, flexible, yet retain memory to straighten. These rods are simply fiberglass blanks with a ground flat end and a hole drilled through to attach wire and push. This basic design is sure to do the trick.

Labor Saving Devices
Many of the tools available today that address the special needs of wire installation were initially developed by LSDI. Over the years, several companies have tried to follow our leadership by offering “me too” products, but their continued success is based upon offering superior design and quality that can only be created by truly understanding the needs of professional installers in the audio/visual, electrical, communications and security-alarm markets. Much of their R&D staff is comprised of experienced installers. LSDI understands the demands of professional installation and will continue to bring innovative solutions that save installation time and produce better results. Installation is an Art. LSDI is Advancing the Art of Installation.

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