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Labor Saving Devices 81-130 CZ-30 Creep-Zit 30ft. – Threaded Connector Wire Running Rod Kit


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Description & Features

Labor Saving Devices 81-130 CZ-30 Creep-Zit 30ft. – Threaded Connector Wire Running Rod Kit
As an installer, it is essential to have a tool that can stand the exercise of running and retrieving wire every day. The Creep-Zit 30ft.Threaded Connector Wire Running Rod Kit is just the tool to “run the race”. This trusty fiberglass rod kit comes with several different threaded tips and essential components needed for efficient wire running and retrieving, and can be used in a wide range of other installation applications.

Strength and Flexibility
Constructed from green FiberFuse fiberglass, each of the (5) 6 ft. push/pull rods are flexible enough to go wherever you want them to go without losing their shape memory. They can be connected and extended to lengths ranging from 6 ft. to 30 ft. and everywhere in between.

Vision Friendly
Bright green in color and with a Lighted Bull-Nose Threaded Connector Tip, you’ll be able to easily spot the Creep-Zit Rod Kit even in dark locations (a great alternative to the old and conventional metal fishtape).

No Snagging
With the Luminous Whisk Threaded Connector Tip you will ensure that the rods do not get hung up on obstacles. This is especially needed when running wires over suspended ceilings, attics, etc., and also provides a means to creep from side to side when turning the rods with your hands.

Ball and Chain
Also included is a Ball Chain Lanyard (12” in length) to attach to the tip for pulling (removable from the fixed bull-nose rod end to be attached to the Whisk Tip or Lighted Bull-Nose Tip as well).

The kit is packaged in a clear square plastic tube with yellow rubber end caps making transporting and carrying simple.

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