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LSD1046 Wet Noodle Magnetic In-Wall Retrieval System


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Description & Features

LSD1046 Wet Noodle Magnetic In-Wall Retrieval System



Accept no inferior knock-offs, use the ORIGINAL WET NOODLE RETRIEVAL SYSTEM.

LSDI developed the ball chain magnetic retriever concept many years ago to help save installation time. Since its introduction, it has evolved into a “must have” tool for retrofit installation.




How to use the Wet Noodle System:

Create a small hole for an entry point up on the wall (The Wet Noodle works best in un-insulated walls) and drill a small hole at the bottom directly below (1/4” hole for the small magnet end or 3/8” for the bigger end) Drop the Wet Noodle ball chain down giving it a slight jiggle to make sure it finds the bottom plate. In most cases you will “catch” the ball chain by just putting the magnet end(s) into the bottom hole. If necessary, bend the flexible retriever into an “S” shape to get into the wall for more difficult retrievals. Slowly pull the ball chain to just inside the bottom hole. Using the pocket retriever, hook the ball chain and bring it out the bottom line.


This tool kit provides a quick and easy solution for in-wall blind wire pulling making it truly indispensable.

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