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Intuitive IWB-2XB Small In-Wall Box (Black)


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Description & Features

Intuitive IWB-2XB Small In-Wall Box (Black)
The perfect solution for mounting all of your components is here! With multiple punch-outs for conduit power, power boxes, wall plates, or direct wiring, this enclosure is an installer’s best friend. With the ability to be installed retrofit or pre-construction, and UL approval, this In-Wall Box is equipped for nearly any situation.

Power Punch-Outs
Each side of the enclosure features easy to remove punch-outs. One long side and one short side have a punch-out for high electric volt boxes. Using metal power boxes? Simply remove the first punch-out. For plastic power boxes, easily remove the second section.

Wall Plate and Conduit Punch-Outs
The sides that do not have a punch out for high electric volt boxes feature punch-outs for direct mounting of wall plates. Also, there are punch-outs for ¾ in, 1 in, 1.25 in, & 1.5 in conduits!

Retrofit or Pre-Construction
Each enclosure features a removable trim ring, so they can be mounted Pre-Construction or retrofit-no pre-construction kit needed.

Thick Wallboard Friendly
Intuitive’s Large In-Wall Box will allow for ¾ in drywall, great for jobs with 5/8 in drywall and a heavy finish. Complete with a removable trim ring and coupled with mounting slots, this Box allows you to adjust the enclosure in and out for the perfect fit.

Heavy Duty Dog Ears
This Wall Box is constructed with dog ears that install from the inside and don’t fall into the wall cavity. They are incredibly strong and can support the enclosure by themselves, or add additional support when stud mounted.

Thin Edge
Plastic enclosures have a thick edge that keeps the TV mount from sitting on the wall. This In-Wall Box has a sleeker design. At only 4.5 mm, its edge is thin but extremely strong.

Mounting Slots
Built with a perfect design, this series of enclosures features 2 mounting slots on each side to mount the box during pre-construction. After wallboard installation, loosen the screws and easily slide the enclosure so it’s flush with the surface.

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