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Intuitive IWB-2 SB Recessed Home Entertainment Box w/ Removable Trim Ring, Small (Black | Solid Back)


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Description & Features

Intuitive IWB-2 SB Recessed Home Entertainment Box w/ Removable Trim Ring, Small (Black | Solid Back)
Intuitive’s second generation of IWB (In Wall Box) is the most flexible, easiest to install, and best built box on the market. With its removable trim ring it can be easily installed into a standard 2 x 4 stud bay during pre-construction or retrofitted after the home is complete. Heavy-duty “Dog Ears” install from the inside, securely mounting the box to the wallboard. The dual power punch-out uses either metal or plastic power boxes for the utmost in flexibility. You can directly mount wall plates to the outer edge, keeping the installation clean. Built from welded and powder coated steel, this box is durable and will withstand the test of time.

A Complete Redesign, From the Ground Up
Intuitive took their original in-wall box, the IWB-1, and incorporated all your feedback into a new, totally refined box. If you are looking for the box that meets all of your needs, this is it! With its new removable trim ring, you can install the Recessed Home Entertainment Box during pre-construction, and then trim it out later – and of course you can still use it in a retrofit installation. Fitting into 10” on-center or larger stud bays, the IWB-2 is as simple as mounting an in-wall speaker.

Perfect for Retrofit
Don’t worry about existing wires in the wall. After mounting you will have over 1/2” of clearance behind the enclosure for existing wires or running new wires. The Recessed Home Entertainment Box accommodates wall material up to 3/4" thick.

“S” for Solid Back
The “s” series of Intuitive IWB’s now features a solid back panel, so that you can screw your components directly to the rear. This is also great for installations where you have shared walls and want to reduce sound transfer. The entire box is crafted of welded steel with a heavy duty powder coated finish.

Intuitive’s punch-outs are completely redesigned and work better than ever. They’re easy to remove, yet stay in place when needed. Additionally, the punch-outs are increased in size to accommodate larger items such as wall plates with baluns attached. A second punch-out allows for direct wire pulls into the enclosure, saving time and money. (One grommet is included with each enclosure)

Flexible Power
This in-wall box features he ability to use both metal and PVC power enclosures. The unique secondary breakaway expands the opening allowing it to fit both types of power boxes… Now you can use the power box that you like most!

Super Grip
Don’t ever fight with a “Dog Ear” again… or lose one in the wall. Innovative “Dog Ears” that install from the inside of the enclosure don’t fall into the wall cavity. With incredible gripping power, they can support the enclosure by themselves, or add additional support when stud mounted.

Mount Anything
This in-wall enclosure lets you mount any component to the solid rear panel breadboard. Cable boxes, Apple TV, Roku players, power supplies, cables – they can all be easily tucked away inside this in-wall box. The redesign of the back plate allows you to connect and test your system, PRIOR to hanging the display. Save hours of labor making sure everything is correct the first time.

Cut-out Template Included
The included cut-out template takes out all the guess work. Simply hold up to the wall, trace, and you have the perfect cut line.

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