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Evolve LRM-AS Z-Wave 500W Wall-Mounted Dimmer, White


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Description & Features

Evolve® LRM-AS Wall Mount Dimmer (White)
The LRM-AS Wall Mounted Dimmer is a component of the Evolve® lighting control system and can be wired in place of a standard wall dimmer. By inclusion into your Z-Wave system, this Wall Mounted Dimmer receiver can be easily installed to directly or remotely control the ON/OFF and dimming of any connected incandescent lighting or control a motorized window shade or blind. Three way control is possible with an LTM-5 (sold separately).

Evolve Network
This Wall Mounted Dimmer is designed to work with other Evolve enabled devices. Evolve Z-Wave Wireless products are the most efficient and affordable solution for energy management and lighting control for the home. They are easy to install and offer superior communication between controllers and devices creating a network between all the Z-Wave devices in your home. As each new Z-wave device is plugged in, it communicates with all the other devices, creating a "mesh", where each device knows who it can talk to.

Do The Wave
Z-Wave allows for a controlled personal network in your home. Z-Wave offers a linked network which is cheaper and simpler than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Z-Wave allows you to connect many of your devices together so they can work in harmony with each other. While some appliances and systems have Z-Wave built in to it, others may need a Z-Wave enabled adapter or specialized outlet. Skywalker offers many different adapters that work on the Z-Wave network. The EVO204W plug-in lamp module, and the EVO201W wall mounted outlet are some just to name a few.

Sleek Finish
Efficiency doesn’t have to mean sacrificing appearance! Included with the LRM-AS dimmer itself is a standard, white trim plate that will match nearly any décor.

Evolve’s mission is simple. They’re building solutions that implement simply, run powerfully, and deliver a level of guest satisfaction that’s virtually unheard of. They develop new technology that’s ready to answer today’s challenges, and embrace tomorrow’s needs.


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