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Element-Hz Super Slim High Speed HDMI Cable w/ Ethernet, RedMere Technology, 3 Meters (9.84 ft)


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Description & Features

Element-Hz Super Slim High Speed HDMI Cable w/ Ethernet, RedMere Technology, 3 Meters (9.84 ft)

New to the Element-Hz line, the Super Slim High Speed HDMI Cable performs just as well as the thicker version, but the ultra-flexible design allows for easy bending in tight spaces. The cable features connectors that are 40% shorter than standard HDMI cables, allowing any ultra-thin TV to sit as flush to the wall as possible. They’re 3D compatible and offer high-speed internet connectivity, eliminating the need for a separate Ethernet cable. And, with the ability to support video resolutions up to 4k, the Super Slim HDMI Cables are practically future-proof.


Slim Fit

We’re in the business of making tight spaces easy to work with. That’s why we constructed the Super Slim HDMI Cables with 36AWG conductors. As a result, you have a cable that’s only 1/8 of an inch in diameter! It’s thin, it’s flexible, and most of all, it’s a breeze to snake through tight spaces.


RedMere Technology

The RedMere chipset allows this cable to support speedy 18Gbps bandwidth over longer distances—even with the thin 36AWG conductor.


The Bells & Whistles You'd Expect

As expected, the Super Slim HDMI Cables meet and exceed today's most advanced video formats—1080p, 4K, 3D, Deep Color, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD-Master and Ethernet—all while performing better and costing less than traditional HDMI cables.


Our Smallest Connector Yet

We love how this cable easily connects behind our TVs that are mounted flush to the wall. It features a connector head that’s only 2/3 of an inch big! That’s up to 40% shorter than those cables you tried from the other guys. Trust us; you won’t be going back to them once you use this cable.


High Speed with Ethernet

Easily share your network data stream over one HDMI cable. From your BluRay Player to the kids' gaming console, Element-Hz cables simplify your local network all while allowing a high speed data stream


Gold Plated

Element-Hz Super Slim HDMI Cables feature 24k gold-plated connectors for corrosion resistance and maximum signal strength.



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