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Element-Hz Power Series 3-Way Rotating Wall Tap Outlet with Rotating DSS Coaxial Pair, 1080 Joules (Black)


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Description & Features

Our new ELE9001 is the perfect piece when slim size and clean power protection is required. Ideal for your flat panel television installs, this baby boasts 1,080 joules of protection and 70dB of EMI/RFI noise filtration. All of this, while fitting ever so snugly against the outlet, keeping it tucked away neatly behind the flat screen. Hands down, this is the most reliable, inexpensive and economical choice for your next protected AV Install.

Surge Protection
Rotating Outlet
AC Protect
LED Indicator
MOV Fireproof Technology
EMI / RFI Noise Filter
Thin-it to Win-it
Sitting just 1 ½” off the wall; you’ll love this sleek unit when space is an issue. Our slim design allows you to install this surge device behind most LCD & Plasma televisions and many types of furniture. We’re solving your install problems, one product at a time.

You Spin Me Right Round

Stop gritting and grinding those teeth in frustration, because you’re having trouble gaining access to your outlet or coaxial connectors…Come on now, you know we’ve got ya covered! This pieces offers 90 degree rotating outlets and DSS Gold Plated F-81 Coaxial Connectors, for those hard to reach places.

Shut the Club Down
The ELE9001 offers a convenient red/green indicator light letting you know your device is working properly. If the circumstance should arise where a surge does come through, and the MOV gets overheated, our temperature controlled fuse will shutdown the circuit and will shut the power off. Guaranteeing the safety of your electronics, no matter how terrible the surge…Guess you could say it’s meant to “weather the storm”.

Not Just Power, Clean Power
This device is a true Home Theater Power Product, and was engineered to keep your screen clear of static, and your audio free of humming and buzzing with its EMI/RF noise filtration to ensure high quality performance.

New X3 MOV Technology
Stay cool and ahead of the curve with the latest and greatest surge protection technology. MOV or (Metal Oxide Varistor) is a power protection device that is able to recognize surge conditions, and reacts by deviating the excess energy away from the equipment through the electrical grounding system. Round Traditional MOV’s tend to spark and run the risk of fire and other electrical hazards. However, our Square X3 MOV’s are capable of suppressing more energy and dissipates heat faster than the other brand, making the Element-Hz Power Series the safest in fireproof technology.


The Coaxial Connectors on this unit are compatible with DSS, MATV, & CATV…meaning they comply with Digital Satellite Systems, Master Antenna TV’s, and Cable Antenna TV signals. We know it’s a mouth full, and some of these abbreviations can be confusing, but rest assured this unit will work with all of your coax cable configurations.


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