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Element-Hz LCD Screen Cleaning Kit w/ Microfiber Cloth (2 oz)


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Description & Features

Element-Hz LCD Screen Cleaning Kit w/ Microfiber Cloth (2 oz)
Harsh detergents and alcohol- or ammonia-based cleaners may scratch or streak your display or strip away the protective finish. Other cleaners may drip down the screen and into the equipment’s moisture-sensitive electronics, causing irreparable damage to the device. Element-Hz LCD Screen Cleaning Kit features a specially formulated cleaning liquid for no-drip application, and when used with the included microfiber cleaning cloth will not scratch or streak. The LCD Screen Cleaning Kit is also available in a 3.76 oz. Kit .

No Harmful Chemicals
The non-aerosol cleaning solution helps to keep surfaces clean and restores brightness and clarity – without using harmful chemicals. In addition to cleaning, it helps to reduce static electricity which naturally attracts dust. This safe, alcohol-free formula doesn’t leave a residue and won’t drip or streak (unlike common window cleaners). A light lavender scent in the solution leaves the screen smelling as clean as it looks.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Included is a soft, lint-free microfiber cleaning cloth that cleans, dries, and polishes for a clear, non-streak finish. It gently eliminates fingerprints and smudges from delicate surfaces without scratching. The cloth is washable and reusable.

The Kit for Every Screen
The Element-Hz LCD Screen Cleaning Kit is ideal for most LCD surfaces, such as: flat panel televisions, laptops, computers, digital camera lenses and screens, handheld gaming devices, and other electronics. It’s especially handy for touch screen smart phones and tablets which are more apt to be covered in fingerprints and require frequent cleaning.

Cleaning Process
To clean your electronic, first brush off loose dust and other foreign debris from the display surface. For the best results, spray the cleaning solvent directly onto microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen, and then quickly dry any excess liquid from the LCD surface.


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