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Element-Hz Active High Speed HDMI Cable w/ Ethernet, Anti-Slip Connector, 50 Meters (164.04 ft)


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Description & Features

Element-Hz Active LongHaul Series High Speed HDMI Cable w/ Ethernet, Anti-Slip Connector, 50 Meters (164.04 ft)
We know you're in it for the long haul just like we are. That's why we've engineered a series of long-run HDMI cables that perform the best on the market. And, as always, these cables cost less than our competitors'. The trick to the LongHaul Series is its active circuitry. This integral part of the cable recreates the digital video signal allowing it to travel over extremely long distances… and we mean long. What's more, our LongHaul Series cables feature Anti-Slip connectors. The new technology is found in the small grooves on the tip of the HDMI connector and require up to 6 lbs. of force to remove!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This cable is DIRECTIONAL. The "DISPLAY" end must be connected to the TV, projector, etc. The "SOURCE" end must be connected to the Blu-ray player, receiver, matrix, etc.

TECH TIP: For protection against mishaps, we highly recommend as good practice to run 1-2 category cables with an HDMI cable during in-wall installs.

Active Circuitry
Active circuitry is what allows the LongHaul Series to go the distance—literally. This piece of technology works as an amplifier and is located on the HDMI cable itself. As the digital video signal weakens along its journey, the active circuitry thrusts it back to 100% enabling the HD signal to travel a distance that is the longest on the market.

The Bells & Whistles You'd Expect
As expected, our LongHaul Series cables meet and exceed today's most advanced video formats—1080p, 3D, Deep Color, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD-Master and Ethernet—all while performing better and costing less than traditional long-run cables.

Anti-Slip Connectors
Sometimes cable connectors accidentally get pulled out and, unfortunately, some of the lesser performing cables simply slip out. To combat this problem and minimize service calls, we've designed our cables with Anti-Slip connectors. On the tip of the HDMI connector you'll find small grooves that allow for a much stronger hold than your average HDMI cable. Anti-Slip connectors require up to 6 lbs. of force to remove!

Flexible Jacket
We wanted to make your long cable runs easier by constructing our HDMI cables with a lighter, thinner design. As a result, the round PVC jacket is extremely flexible and offers strong strain relief for those sharp 90° turns. Now, snaking the cable through the wall is a breeze!

Connectors That Fit
The modern display is thin – and they're only getting thinner. When they're up against a wall, a hulking HDMI cable won't get the job done. Fortunately, Element-Hz cables feature a connector head that's one of the smallest on the market. Now you'll be able to connect any wall mounted display without having to move it away from the wall.

High Speed with Ethernet
Easily share your network data stream over one HDMI cable. From your BluRay Player to the kids' gaming console, Element-Hz cables simplify your local network all while allowing a high speed data stream.
In-Wall Rated
All Element-Hz HDMI cables are UL Listed and CL3 Rated for in-wall installation. In addition, our cables meet ROHS Compliance standards.

Gold Plated Connectors
All Element-Hz cables feature gold-plated connectors for corrosion resistance and maximum signal strength. We know you wouldn't expect anything less.

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