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EZ-Cap Universal In-Ceiling Pre Construction Speaker Bracket (Each)


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Description & Features

EZ-Cap Universal In-Ceiling Pre Construction Speaker Bracket (Each)

The EZ-Cap Pre-Wire Installation Kit allows easy access to your pre-construction pre-wire. This is great for customers who wish to install speakers sometime in the future while remaining unobtrusive when not in use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Must only be used in conjunction with low voltage wire..

One-Piece Simplicity

There’s no assembly required here, making your job quicker and easier than traditional speaker brackets. Install this bracket in seconds and move on to the next one.

Just Cap It

The great thing about the flush cover is that it can be left in place in the event that the customer chooses not to install speakers in that area right away. Because there is no hole in the ceiling, the inspectors will allow final occupancy without you having to rush out and install ceiling speakers at a moment’s notice. If the customer decides to install speakers at a later date the EZ-Cap cover can be painted to blend into the wall or ceiling.

Up to 24” in Length

This bracket stretches 24” for ceilings and commercial interior walls. Don’t need it that long? Simply break it off at the scored breaking points shortening the bracket to 21”. Still too long? Break it off at the shorter breaking points to shorten the bracket to 11”. The Bracket has the 24” and 16” scored and labeled for your convenience.

How it Works

Place this bracket in the exact spot that you want the center of the speaker to be located. When the drywall hanger comes along, they pull the cover plug out of the hole and cut a circle hole in the drywall that will go over the small plastic that is sticking out ½” for the drywall. Once the drywall is up, they can put the flush cover back in the hole. When you do go to install the speakers these flush caps work great with our circle hole cutters you just drill in to the center of the flush cap and let the cutter do the work. Once you are through the drywall you can cut the bracket out with a pair of wire cutters (tin snips work very well for this).

The Beauty of Versatility
The EZC1000 isn’t designed for one specific product like most rough in brackets. These brackets can also be used in other pre-wire applications that require low-voltage wire to penetrate the drywall of a structure including security systems, thermostats, and other low voltage wiring.

They Thought of Everything

There is a place at the top center for you to zip tie your speaker wire if you wish to use it. You can also use a flex clip and zip tie to fasten the wire to the band board or ceiling joist.

*Tech Tip

When replacing the flush cover, we advise you to place a small adhesive label to it telling the drywall installer to replace it in the wall after he cuts his hole. This helps ensure it won’t be thrown away, for that can happen from time to time.

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