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ELAN Passive IR Connection Block


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Description & Features


· Quick & easy connection for 1 ELAN IR Sensor & 2 ELAN IR Emitters

· Great for basic IR repeater systems

· STATUS input jack tells if system is ON or OFF

· Quad “mini” plug-to-mono “mini” plug cable for ELAN controller IR output port applications(incl.)

· Strong adhesive backing for mounting on any flat surface

· Non-retail packaging

For basic IR repeating systems, this one-input by two-output Passive IR Connection Block provides a quick and easy means for connecting an ELAN IR Sensor and two IR Emitters. Current-sharing resistors at each emitter jack allow any combination of single- or dual-emitters to be used. The STATUS input jack allows you to monitor the ON / OFF condition of systems components (PWR2 Power Supply required for status feedback)

Note: only 3.5 mm quad “mini” plugs can be connected to the 3.5 mm IR Sensor input jack of

the IRD2. If the IRD2 is to be connected to the IR output of any other ELAN product, use only

the 3.5 mm quad-to-mono interconnects cable included with the IRD2.

Sensors “receive” IR data. Emitters “transmit” IR data. So how does one get this data from point A to point B? Quite easily, actually. In addition to offering a complete line of multi-room controllers that route IR to and from any room in the house, ELAN offers a line of stand-alone IR Distribution blocks for use in any stand alone application.

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