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Dymo 18055 IND Heat-Shrink Tube, 1/2" (White)


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Description & Features

Dymo 18055 IND Heat-Shrink Tube, 1/2" (White)
Print directly on Dymo Heat-Shrink Tubes with any Rhino Industrial label maker for high-end cable identification with a 3:1 shrink ratio that helps ensure a secure fit on wires and cables. Labeling connectivity components isn't rocket science, but it can be time consuming. Time saving products and features from Dymo can make your labeling life a little bit easier. From cable wraps and flags to heat-shrink tubes, Dymo label makers and labels help facilitate fast and easy wire and cable identification. Keep everything in its place - or make it trackable. With Dymo labels, you can easily tag your inventory, supplies, and more. There's a Dymo label for nearly every task.

Heat-Shrink Technology
For maximum cable adhesion and premium cable finish! The IND Heat-Shrink Tube has a 3:1 shrink ratio to help ensure a snug fit on wires and cables. With Dymo thermal transfer printing technology, label text won't smudge, smear, or fade. Easy-to-peel split back design makes applying labels quick and easy. Choose from 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2", and 1" label widths in a broad color assortment that meet OSHA, ANSI, and ISO standards.

More Efficient Labeling
With Dymo Industrial Labeling Tools, you can print labels in a variety of materials and colors – PLUS print directly on heat-shrink tubes. Why would you choose a different method for labeling? It’s probably going to be hard to decipher that smeared label (scrawled on cheap tape with permanent marker) – especially if you’re called back to the jobsite a year later for maintenance. Don’t bother with tape and markers; Dymo labels are always legible and never smear. Your valuable time is saved by using the professional, clean method to label your work. If you or another installer revisits the site at a later date, quickly identifying labels won’t be a problem.

From their initial beginnings in 1958 as an embossing company based in California, Dymo has grown to be a company with global reach. Dymo is fast-becoming the worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions that help people accomplish their tasks more easily and look good doing it. They believe that for many of the things people do every day, "There's got to be a better way," and Dymo products offer that better way. Dymo offers a complete range of products for the office, warehouse, worksite, home and even the classroom. From simple embossers, manual label makers and desktop products to industrial portables, computer-connected products, and cutting-edge software and online service, Dymo is here to simplify your tasks while helping you look more professional.

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