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DigiTenna DUV-I/DT-I Indoor Antenna VHF Hi-Band/UHF, 0-15+ Miles


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Description & Features

DigiTenna DUV-I/DT-I Indoor Antenna VHF Hi-Band/UHF, 0-15+ Miles

DigiTenna TV antennas eliminate cable and satellite monthly costs, charges, and contracts and gives end users the ultimate in high definition free broadcast reception and viewing pleasure. DigiTenna is the recommended antenna of broadcast engineers for unmatched quality, reception, compact size, and performance. DigiTenna guarantees that end users will receive the largest number of TV channels possible in their location. No other product can match the DigiTenna performance standard and make this claim.


The Indoor Advantage

This indoor HD DigiTenna for cities and suburbs is small, cost-efficient, and can be up and running in minutes! Don’t fret either; indoor Digitenna’s perform at the same high standard as outdoor Digitenas. There really is no other indoor antenna that can match DigiTenna’s indoor performance. One DigiTenna Indoor does it all!


Built to Last

The construction of the indoor DigiTenna is sturdy and won’t bend or break which eliminates returns to the shop, service calls, replacement orders, gas, lost time, returns, and installation delays. In addition, its unique design provides end users with the largest number of high definition, distortion free channels possible for the best viewing experience and selection. Most users enjoy a selection of up to 60 HDTV channels!


Space Saver!

DigiTenna’s indoor HD antenna won’t take up much space with its compact size. What’s more, the small design offers multiple mounting positions. Even better, the indoor DigiTenna requires no additional cables or outlets so there’s no unsightly clutter.


Patented Design

The patented design of DigiTennas eliminates multiple connection points and signal loss. Transmitted signals are received and sent directly to the TV which in turn gives the user the highest quality HDTV possible, the most channels without distortion, and the best viewing experience. An astounding 99.9% of the available free broadcast signal is sent to the TV as tested by independent engineers. The unique design results in a wide horizontal receiving angle and only a 2dB vertical variation for unmatched reception and performance. No other antenna has this capability! DigiTenna is the performance standard; it outperforms and outlasts every other HDTV antenna available.


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