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Cool Components TC-BSC-88 Basic Temp Controller, 88 Degree


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Description & Features

Cool Components TC-BSC-88 Basic Temperature Controller, 88°F

Automated control always makes things nice and easy, especially when dealing with cooling systems. The Cool Components TC-BSC-88 is a microprocessor-based temperature controller that allows for temperature sensitivity and reliability to automatically cool your components. This nifty device provides automated ON and OFF control for your cooling system. So, as things heat up beyond 88 degrees, the fans turn on. And, as it cools down below 88 degrees, the cooling system shuts off thus saving time and conserving power.


Automated Control

This controller features a microprocessor that controls ON/OFF functionality of the cooling system. At 88 degrees or higher, the controller turns the cooling system on. When it drops below 88 degrees, it shuts it off.



This temperature controller is ideal in cabinets or racks due to the fact that cabinets and enclosures can normally be 80°F or more.


Simple to Install

This device can be installed in just seconds. Simply plug inline between the power supply and fan units and you’re done! What’s more, its small size allows it to be placed almost anywhere.


Cool Components

Cool Components manufactures cooling and venting products for today's residential systems. From spot cooling audio video and home theater components to venting cabinets and equipment closets, Cool Components products have been designed to protect components and systems from the heat that is naturally generated by today's technology systems. Protecting equipment prevents thermal shutdowns and extends the life of equipment.


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