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Construct Pro™ Single Drywall Clip, 100pk (Black)


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Construct Pro™ Single Drywall Clip, 100pk (Black)
Ever have those cable runs that end up drooping from the ceiling or laying all over the ground? Now you can prevent your cable runs from looking like a mess with this Drywall Clip from our Construct Pro™ line. This handy piece has specially-designed teeth positioned at 1/8” intervals that grab the inner side of a predrilled hole in the wall and hold tightly without backing out. They provide a safe, damage-free cable attachment that gives your cable runs the perfect finish.

♫ Easy as 1, 2, 3 ♫
You’ll be singing some Jackson 5 because of how easy it is to install these drywall clips! Simply drill a 1/4" hole into the wall, place the clip over the cable, and push the clip into the drywall surface. That’s it!

Not Just Drywall!
Although originally intended for use in drywall applications, the UV-stabilized push-in clip also attaches cables to other surfaces such as stucco, brick, or even mortar.

Resealable Package
This product comes in a resealable package to prevent spill-outs and to keep you organized.

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