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Construct Pro 48-Port Cat5e Rack Mount Patch Panel (19” / 2U | RoHS Approved)


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Description & Features

Construct Pro 48-Port Cat5e Rack Mount Patch Panel (19” / 2U | RoHS Approved)
So, you’re pre-wiring a network and you want to decrease the frustration of wiring several components. You also want the ability to troubleshoot a problem quickly and easily. Our Construct Pro patch panels are the perfect solution. The more connections you have, the easier it is to choose a location for each specific wire. The Cat5e patch panels are a convenient and efficient way to connect and label the incoming and outgoing lines on a local area network (LAN). Terminating the wire here allows you to troubleshoot any problems that you may run into on the job. The panel also allows you to route patch cables from the front of the block to the necessary components.

Industrial Performance
With 48 ports, this patch panel is the perfect size for most jobs, and is set at a low price point to give you great value. It fits the standard rack size (19”) and only occupies 2U of rack space, an exceptional use of space. It’s the perfect solution for simple installation and future expansion – just use multiple panels together!

Finest Look in the Industry
This 19” panel was designed to mount directly to our Royal Racks, and blend seamlessly together for a professional appearance and finer organization. This allows you to put more products in your rack system than ever before.

Networking Simplified
Each jack and terminal is numbered and can be labeled according to your needs with special label tiles built in. This straightforward design allows for quick troubleshooting, easy upgrading, and makes everything work together that much smoother.

Standard 110 Punch Termination
On the back of the panel, each terminal features standard 110 punch ports. Any universal punchdown tool (such as the NSM1036 ) can be used to conveniently terminate the RJ45 cable. Terminal covers are also included to hold the wires in place.

Double Your Money Back Guarantee!
Not only do our Construct Pro patch panels have a lifetime guarantee, they also have the Double Your Money Back Guarantee! In the unlikely event that you have any issue with your patch panel, bring the product back to us. If we determine the product it is defective, we will refund you AND pay for your time and trouble by doubling the purchase price. You can buy and install with confidence that we’ve got you covered – just in case.

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