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ClearView Panther-08-TRI 8-Channel 720P (1.3 MP) Tribrid HD-AVS / Analog DVR @30fps w/ Live Viewing, 2 HD Bays, Alarm & PTZ Ports, 1 TB


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Description & Features

ClearView Panther-08-TRI 8-Channel 720P (1.3 MP) Tribrid HD-AVS / Analog DVR @30fps w/ Live Viewing, 2 HD Bays, Alarm & PTZ Ports, 1 TB
Panther series recorders and cameras enable true 1080P/720P HD video, audio and control signal via standard coaxial cable, allowing reliable long-distance HD transmission at lower cost, using an advanced video transmission technology from IC Realtime known as AVS – what Clearview calls Panther Technology. Panther is the ideal upgrade from standard video to HD video "crossover" technology because it hits the same price points as standard res video but offers significant advantages.

Easy Upgrade for Previous Installed CCTV
Panther makes possible direct replacement of existing conventional analog security cameras and recorders with Panther series TRUE 720/1080p HD equipment without changing existing coaxial and low voltage power runs. As long as 12VDC is available at the camera end, you can just swap the cameras and the recorder and have a new HD security system. The hybrid technology allows this DVR to be compatible with both HD-AVS and Analog connections.

Gradual HD Upgrade or Total Replacement!
The Panther series cameras can be used as replacements/upgrades in a conventional analog CCTV system because the cameras can be set to act as a regular 720 line analog camera, and later switched back to full HD when the recorder is upgraded. Panther is true HD quality at the same price point area as analog, and offers the same audio signal and dual-way data communication features as IP but uses standard coax cables, so no network resources are required for camera connection.

Lower Cost & Smarter Control
HD-SDI and IP put high demands on cabling and installation; Panther uses the same coaxial cables and installation methods of analog solutions, increasing installation convenience and also decreasing costs. What’s more, Panther technology transmits multiple-signal (video/audio and dual-way data) over one cable, using video/audio synchronized transmission at the same time, such as PTZ and zoom control, further simplifying the installation.

Panther Advantages vs. HD-SDI
Panther technology is the most flexible video surveillance system available today because it allows immediate upgrade or gradual implementation by setting cameras for use with analog DVRs until implementation is complete. HD-SDI is all or nothing, and at a much higher price point. Both Panther technology and HD-SDI can transfer HD video signals at 720p/1080p, but Panther has a transmission distance advantage. HD-SDI reaches 100 meters (at most) while Panther series transmits 500 meters by using conventional coaxial cables with low signal distortion rate.

Better Anti-Interference Capability
The anti-interference capability of HD-SDI solution is relatively poor when been placed against high-frequent radiation environment, which causes a higher bit error ratio while the Panther series uses a low-frequency modulation technology, making it free from the high-frequency wireless electric radiation to ensure stable video transmission at high image quality.

Panther Advantages vs. IP
Panther technology uses a Point 2 Point transmission technology over a dedicated coaxial cable to ensure a smooth and reliable transmission; while the transmission of network camera is based on Ethernet and may lead to network jitter and packet loss. HD-AVS does not have network lag, jitter or packet loss so images stream live even at 2 Mega-Pixel. This is extremely important when real-time assessment of a situation is paramount.

Real-time & No Compression
The network HD features video buffer technology and the delay is controlled within 300 milliseconds in common networking environment; However, AVS-HD Technology features no latency capability for an outstanding real-time performance. Panther series video uses no video compression, so pictures are processed to maintain its original effect and thus present in vivid, realistic image quality

Monitor up to 8 Zones
The Panther DVR allows you to monitor and record video from up to 8 cameras. It has an analog output port (BNC), VGA port, and an HDMI port that allows for real-time monitoring. What’s more, the Panther records video at up to 30 fps while using H.264 video compression technology for HD resolution.

Highly Configurable Recording
Right out of the box the Panther is preset to record on all channels, but it can also be programmed to record at scheduled times, or when triggered by motion detection. Recording quality is adjustable, with multiple settings to choose from. Use higher quality settings for better video clarity and detail, or lower settings for more recording time.

Better Than 960H
Panther video surveillance is available in the two major industry HD video standards – 1080p (or 1920H (1920x1080) and 720p (1280H (1280x720), both with higher horizontal (H) resolution than "960H” systems.

Video Playback
When you’re ready to play back recordings, you can search by time, type, or channel. Videos can be played back at normal speed, fast play, slow play, manual frame-by-frame playback, and reverse play. You can switch to the previous or next file, or any file in the current play list. If there are files from another channel recorded at the same time, you can immediately switch to that file. In addition, all-channel synchronous real-time playback is available.

Exclusive Technology
Panther technology features a patented auto signal compensation (ASC) technology, which enables extremely low signal distortion, much better video resolution, longer transmission distances and better anti-interference capability, and avoids the cross talk of CVBS and separates the brightness and hue signal, further enhancing video quality.

Remote Viewing
Whether you’re a business owner or simply a caring parent, real-time viewing is vital. But, there’s a problem – you can’t always be there. The Panther-08-TRI DVR lets you watch everything, no matter where you are. With a network connection, you can live monitor on a PC as a web viewer, as part of a CMS (central management system), or on a smartphone app (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone). In addition, you can perform video recording searches remotely, and control the pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) action on compatible cameras. 3D intelligent positioning is attainable with a ClearView PTZ dome camera (sold separately).

1TB of Storage – with up to 8TB Expansion!
The Panther-08-TRI DVR includes a built-in 1TB HDD (hard disk drive) that gives you plenty of room for storage but is equipped with (2) Hard Drive Bays that can accommodate up to 8TB of storage! What’s more, the provided USB ports allow you to backup your HDD to ensure that your recordings aren’t lost. You can use a flash drive, portable HDD, or a disk burner. You can even perform backup to the cloud via network download for off-site storage.

Alarm Inputs/Outputs
A feature that set the Panther-08-TRI DVR apart from other Panther models is Alarm hookups. This DVR is equipped with 8 channel alarm inputs and 3 channel alarm outputs. These connections allows for further customization of the security system to suit the individual needs of the application. For example, this connection can be utilized with motion detectors, door contacts, panic buttons, etc. to expand efficiency.

Email Alerts
Be in the know by configuring the Panther’s system to send email alerts for specific events like motion being detected, alarms being activated, or the DVR running out of hard disk space. A handy pre-record buffer captures between 1 and 30 seconds of video prior to motion detection being activated – great for actually getting a view of whatever or whoever is moving around in your monitored zone.

PTZ Control
When PTZ-capable cameras are connected, you can set up each camera to pan and tilt up/down/left/right in a constant pattern, or when an alarm is triggered. You can also control the panning speed, zoom, focus, and iris.

Privacy Masking
If there are areas in the camera's view that you don’t want to show, you can use privacy masking to obscure those areas. Up to four zones per camera can be selected for privacy masking.

Digital Watermark
All video recorded on the DVR contains a digital watermark, which is required by courts for video to be allowed as evidence. In addition, it also provides a time/date stamp.

Free Lifetime Support
ClearView’s commitment to support is unmatched in the industry and the company stands behind their products by offering that support for the lifetime of the product. This ensures that their US based call center has a real person to answer any installation or usage questions. ClearView also offers support for the products on their websites so that individuals can get the latest software updates, manuals, video tutorials and assistance they may need.

ClearView Powered by IC RealTime
ClearView surveillance systems are designed and built by IC Realtime, a company with a well- established reputation for reliability business and government surveillance camera systems. These products are engineered to work in demanding applications, offering a high degree of flexibility for installers and end-users. ClearView also offers their own IC Realtime trained technical support to answer any questions you might have.

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