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ClearView™ Hawk 16-Channel DVR w/ Motion Detection & Mobile Viewing, H.264 Compression (1TB HDD)


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Description & Features

ClearView™ Hawk 16-Channel DVR w/ Motion Detection & Mobile Viewing, H.264 Compression (1TB HDD)
A safe home or business is one with a set of watchful eyes—or, even better, a set of Hawkeyes. ClearView’s Hawk 16-Channel DVR offers dependable, secure, and professional-quality video monitoring for any home or business. This DVR has the features and the flexibility needed to keep tabs on a large home or place of business, with connections for up to 16 analog indoor or outdoor security cameras. ClearView's robust, highly tweakable system allows for real-time video viewing either on directly connected monitors or TVs, or remotely via the Internet or a local network using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

PTZ Control
When PTZ-capable cameras are connected, you can set up each camera to pan and tilt up/down/left/right in a constant pattern, or when an alarm is triggered. You can also control the panning speed, zoom, focus, and iris.

Privacy Masking
If there are areas in the camera's view that you don’t want to show, you can use privacy masking to obscure those areas. Up to four zones per camera can be selected for privacy masking.

Digital Watermark
All video recorded on the DVR contains a digital watermark, which is required by courts for video to be allowed as evidence. In addition, it also provides a time/date stamp.

7-Year Warranty
ClearView CCTV products are professional quality equipment, and the company stands behind their products with a 7 Year Warranty. ClearView CCTV will replace, or at its sole discretion repair without charge, any DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NVR (Network Video Recorder), Camera or accessory proved defective in material, workmanship or operation for a period of seven (7) years, subject to warranty conditions and exceptions. If during the warranty period, ClearView cannot repair your product, they will replace the product with a working product of the same model, or if the same model is not available, with a comparable product.

Free Lifetime Support
ClearView’s commitment to support is unmatched in the industry and the company stands behind their products by offering that support for the lifetime of the product. This ensures that their US based call center has a real person to answer any installation or usage questions. ClearView also offers support for the products on their websites so that individuals can get the latest software updates, manuals, video tutorials and assistance they may need.

ClearView Powered by IC RealTime®
ClearView surveillance systems are designed and built by IC Realtime, a company with a well- established reputation for reliability business and government surveillance camera systems. These products are engineered to work in demanding applications, offering a high degree of flexibility for installers and end-users. ClearView also offers their own IC Realtime trained technical support to answer any questions you might have.

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