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Choice Select Power Outlet Kit


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Description & Features

With this kit you can power your audio and video equipment through a common surge protector and have a clean, low-profile installation.
  • (2) Single-gang junction boxes with faceplates
  • (1) Female outlet receptacle
  • (1) Male inlet receptacle
  • (1) 24in power cord
  • NOTE: 3-conductor 12-2 or 14-2 electrical wire (often referred to as “ROMEX”) UL- approved wire (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT) is required for installation. This wire can be purchased at most hardware/home supply stores.
    Here's how it works
  • 1) Iinstall a recessed AC Male Plug into a wall near an existing AC outlet.
  • 2) Install a recessed AC Female Receptable higher or lower on the same wall where you want to supply AC power.
  • 3) Run a piece of electric wire (commonly known as "Romex" cable) from the newly installed AC Male plug and the newly installed AC female receptacle connecting the two.
  • 4) Plug a short pre-made AC extension cable into the existing outlet and connect to the newly installed Male Plug.
  • 5) AC Power is now available on the newly installed AC outlet.

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