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Choice Select HDTV 12db Amplifer 1 input / 4 outputs


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Description & Features

The CHO5004 HDTV distribution amplifier is designed to receive and distribute one incoming source signal to multiple displays at the same time. It is engineered to compensate for loss of longer cable run. With the newest RF technology, the CHO5004, designed with a low noise gain block module, is the ideal solution for Digital Signal reception, distributing and amplifying the signal to 4 receivers. Features Low noise Amplifier technology, 1 input / 4 outputs, 12 dB Gain, LED indicator, FM Trap. Can be powered through coaxial cable using power inserter or direct connection to main unit!
  • VHFL Frequency: 45~75MHz
  • VHFH Frequency: 125~230MHz
  • UHF Frequency: 470~870MHz
  • Gain: 12 ± 2dB
  • Return Loss: 6dB
  • Noise Figure: 4dB
  • RF Output Impedance: 75?
  • Power Requirement: DC +5V/40mA
  • Input/Output Connector: F Female
  • Power Supply: Output1~4 port via Power Injector or DC IN Jack via Power Adapter (9~12VDC / 100mA)
  • Power InjectorFrequency : 45~870 MHz
  • Power InjectorInsertion Loss: < 2 dB
  • Power InjectorInput: 9~12Vdc
  • Power InjectorOutput: 5VDC / 100mA (to Antenna Amp)
  • Television Connector: F Female
  • Antenna Amplifier Connector: F Female

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