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Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 Dual 15in Floor Speaker, 3-way


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Description & Features

Model XLS-215 Dual 15in 3-way Tower Speaker features two cast frame high excursion 15in woofers and delivers earth-shaking bass down to 36 Hz. This speaker also features a 6.5in mid-range speaker and a 1in soft dome tweeter coupled to a proprietary waveguide.
  • Tweeter: 1" Soft Dome with Ferro Fluid
  • 6.5” Midrange with Fiber Impregnated Cone
  • Woofers: Dual 15" Cast Frame High-Excursion Woofers
  • Impedance: 6 ohms* (*8 ohm compatible)
  • Sensitivity: 95.3 dB (@ 8 ohms @ 1 meter full)
  • Frequency Response: 38 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB) 36 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB)
  • Power Handling: 500-watts (Peak)
  • Proprietary Mid and High Frequency Waveguide
  • Fuse System Frequency Protection
  • Input Connectors: 2 Pairs Gold Plated 5 way Binding Posts
  • Elegant Black-Ash Enclosure
  • Dimensions: 49.7in H x 17in W x 21.1in D
  • Weight: 116 lbs

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Customer Reviews

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by on February 12, 2015

have 4 of these amazing speakers in my living room and they totally blow me away, You can really feel the base even at low volumes. I am using a 5000 watt Onkyo tuner a Cerwin Vega center and Vega subwoofer. The sound is remarkable I love them.

by on October 28, 2013

Just an amazing speaker. I'm using 2 of these as my mains in an 11.2 ch surround sound . Being driven by a crown Xls 1500. They take all the power it dishes out .the only real problem with these is moving them . Don't get me wrong I love the size of them ! But getting them down stairs was hard . Then in boxing was confusing. After tearing the box to heck I found that there is enough space to take a box cutter around the bottom of the box then just slide it up like opening a New refrigerator. They look freaking awesome and are a great addition to my collection of floor standers and my ht room .trust me go with your gut instinct and buy them .you won't regret it. Just make sure you have a friend over to help !

by Richard on July 29, 2013

After a year I added a Cerwin Vega CXA-10 Amp running thru my Pioneer Elite SC-37 Reciever and a dramatic increase in slam and dynamic range occured with no distortion. Movies and Music TV and Sporting Events are all great. Happy customer thanks A-1!

by on January 21, 2013

I run 4 of these and 2 bose 901's with 3 Phase Linear 700b's.My marantz 7t pre runs them all with eq. Can run these baby's with allot of power. Sound Killer turned low or up to headbanging level.

by on January 2, 2013

These speakers are amazing. The clarity and depth they produce is stunning. Im blown away every time i listen to music or watch a movie. On a side note, A1 components are the only ones to properly pack and ship these monsters. Excellent product, excellent seller. You wont regret it.

by on March 4, 2012

These are a great speaker if you can grab them for $850 shipped or less. Once you go beyond that, I would have to go another route(you can get used Klipsch rf-7's for that! Anyway, these are musical if you cut the bass a bit. There is a bit too much upper bass and it can be muddy if you dont eq it a little. Also, these only go to about 38hz at best and then they drop off like 10db per single HZ! That means you won't hear anything under 36HZ or so. I think they did this so these puppies can play loud even with lower powered gear. However, they easily could and should have tuned these down to 30hz as they could have handled it and still played plenty loud for 99.99% of the buyers. Other then that, if you only want musical speakers and you arent looking for acuracey, you cant beat these until you get in the full range floor model hi end model Klipsch($850 aprox for used rf-7's!!)

by on February 20, 2012

I bought a pair of these baby's on E-Bay. They are killers. The sound is great turned low and high. I'm going to buy another pair and run 2 Phase Linear 400's. Peace and Rock n Roll.

by on December 28, 2011

xls 215 real nice speeker runing with a 300watt per channel into 4 oms takeing all no greg seeton

by on November 4, 2011

bought these from a1 componets 9 months shaking bass. driving them with a pioneer sc-09 bi amped mode.pushing over 170 watts per channel into them..they can take it all.sweet deal to from the best...

by David on October 2, 2011

Great seller,ordered on monday and received on wednesday, thsts,fast,and the xls-215 are fantastic ,i am glad ,i made this purchase !!!! Thank you A1-Componets !!!

by RICHARD on July 29, 2011

XLS 215 Rocks but also is clear and detailed enough to listen at low levels. Delivered in 2 days on a wooden pallet dropped at my front door. Bigger and heavier than 1 person can handle so be prepared. Great sound with Pioneer Elite SC-37

by on June 17, 2011

going to own the xls-28 real soon.

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