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Cerwin Vega XD-8s 8” Powered Subwoofer with Built-in Amplifier


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Description & Features

Cerwin Vega XD-8s 8” Powered Subwoofer with Built-in Amplifier
With over 50 years of speaker system know-how for concert, movies, public address, and clubs – when you want to recreate these experiences at home on the desktop – those that know turn to Cerwin-Vega! When creating the XD8 speaker for desktop and computer applications the goal was to optimize the sound output while keeping the subwoofer enclosure small enough to integrate easily below your desktop or home environment. At the ultra low level, where desktop monitors reach their physical limitations, the XD8s sub offers deep bass extension, allowing each system to rise to a new level of performance. Unlike other desktop speaker systems, the Cerwin-Vega! XD series is built with solid MDF wood enclosures, allowing it to deliver the same quality of bass as much larger home speaker systems. Signal purity must be maintained by using low noise amplifiers that don’t disappoint when the volume is set to high. And, if it has the Cerwin-Vega! Name, the bass has to be in-your-face.

Fully Integrated
The XD8s fully integrates your entire sound system and outboard accessories with the included desktop remote control. The XD8s has the capability to handle multiple inputs, and you can switch instantly between your computer as a source or other more portable platforms such MP3 players, phones, and other media players via the 1/8” stereo Auxiliary Input.

Optimally Designed Port
Are you looking for extended bass response, high SPL, and an optimally designed port for proper low frequency phase alignment and minimal turbulence? With its custom tuned front port, the XD8s is your match.

8” Subwoofer
On the side of the enclosure, covered with a protective steel grille, sits an efficient high excursion 8” subwoofer for extended bass response and high SPL.

Volume Knob
On the rear of the enclosure, is a knob which controls the volume level of subwoofer. This allows for matching sub output to desktop monitors and is used to balance the output of the subwoofer with the main speaker output.

Crossover Selection Switch
This feature gives you the ability to match sub to desktop monitors. Regardless of the size of the speakers (small – XD3 , medium – XD4 , or large – XD5 ), you can adjust the upper limit (HPF) of the subwoofer’s frequency response accordingly (120Hz, 100Hz, 80Hz, or ‘Bypass’ to altogether disengage the filter to the subwoofer).

Audio Inputs/Outputs
Also on the rear of the enclosure, are (2) types of audio inputs. The top Left and Right inputs are connectors for unbalanced RCA signals, which are typically used for consumer products and musical instruments. The bottom Left and Right inputs are connectors for balanced TRS (6.3mm) signals, which are typically used for professional products such as audio mixers. The outputs provide a ‘loop-thru’ of the signals coming from the inputs. Connect any set of the XD series powered desktop speakers to the XD8s subwoofer via a RCA-to-RCA cable!

Polarity Switch
The Polarity Switch ensures proper phase alignment with your desktop monitors by inverting the signal polarity. This allows the output of the subwoofer to blend in with the main speakers. If the mid bass sounds weak, simply switch the polarity from 0 to 180.

Power Switch
Set the power switch to the ‘ON’ position when the speaker system is ready for use. Auto-Standby activates at 30 minutes of non activity. Standby deactivates when an input signal having an amplitude of -50dBu or greater is detected.

AC Power Inlet
The ‘AC IN’ must be connected to a power outlet to use the XD8s speaker system. Use only the power cord provided with the XD8s system. Be sure the power cord is firmly secured into the AC power inlet for safe and efficient usage.

System Remote Control
The included System Remote Volume Control gives you easy access to the entire audio system – including the subwoofer AND any connected speakers. Easily control and mute the XD8s when a subwoofer is not needed with the sub mute button. The volume control remote connects to the rear of the XD8s via the attached cord. When in an active state, the volume control dial is ringed with a red light, and during standby mode, an amber colored light. This allows for easy adjustment regardless of lighting. The XD8s subwoofer can function with or without the system volume control.

Remote 1/8” Audio Input
A stereo ‘Aux In’ input is conveniently provided on the remote itself for an easy connection to a portable device such as an MP3 player or mobile phone. Use a male-to-male 1/8” stereo-mini cable (not included) to connect the portable device to the system remote volume control. With this feature, your sound experience will never be limited to just the media on your computer.

In the Box
Included: (1) XD8s Powered Subwoofer, (1) Remote Volume Control, (1) RCA-to-RCA 5’ (1.5m) Stereo Cable, (1) AC Power Cable, and User Manual.

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