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Cerwin Vega VE-12F Floor Standing Speaker 300 Watts


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Description & Features

This Model VE-12F 3-Way Tower speaker features a 12in woofer and 1-1/4in treated silver mylar tweeter with ferro fluid and will pump up the high volume and articulated bass that you'll need for any home theatre. With 300 watts of power handling, this speaker is ideal for everything from the mid- and high-frequencies to the great lows you'll hear in todays special effects on your favorite movie. With a cast frame woofer with distinctive Vintage red surround the VE-series delivers legendary Bass-Reflex design in a sleek mini tower format. Each model is designed to integrate easily with the others, using 5-way binding posts for easy hookup. The contemporary and unobtrusive appearance will blend in with any decor in home or office.
  • Cast frame woofer with Vintage red surround
  • Frequency Response: 28 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Peak Power: 300 watts Sensitivity (1w/1m): 93 dB
  • 6.5in Midrange with Fiber Impregnated Cone
  • 1-1/4in Treated Silver Mylar Tweeter with Ferro Fluid
  • 12in Cast Frame High Excursion Woofer
  • Protection: Self-Resetting, PTC (tweeter), Fuse (woofer)
  • Elegant Black-Ash Enclosure
  • Dimensions: 14.1in x 16in x 33in
  • Weight: 51 lbs.

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by on January 28, 2014

I became an addict of CV in the mid 80's with what I remember to be the Af 12 with seperate mid and tweet lnput controls heavy solid oak tower . Pushing them an onkyo super servo integrated amp its 40+ years old and about 50 # when amps had raw clean power that stood your hair on end . I dont have the CV's anymore do to a robery but I still have the amp a few years ago I bought a pair of ve-12's I dont know if I expected too much but I wish I had spent the few extra bucks and went with the XLS

by on May 13, 2013

Ive bever used anything with speakers and stuff but does this just hook up and you just plug your ipod with it

by on November 22, 2012

I have my set of VE-12's for almost 4 years now. These are the speakers of my dreams. Everything I ever heard about CV since I was a kid is true. These speakers are solid. These speakers perform. Long live Cerwin-Vega! And a HUGE THANK YOU to A1 for being a vendor of this fine product, not to mention the fantastic service and shipping. A1 ROCKS!!!

by on March 31, 2012

not the cv of old. the bass is not what it use to be. the build quality is ok.I have these speakers for a year. I wanted to really give them a good break in. an honest looksy and hearsy so to speek.

by on February 6, 2012

I bought these speakers back in november 2008 and they rock! i have them hooked up to a yamaha htr 5140 high current receiver and technics digital equalizer and at 60 watts per channel of high current power these things shake my whole room very impressive sound power handling and build quility i would say buy them to anyone who wants a speaker that can handle 300 watts peak and 150 rms and there pretty efficent too at 93dbs they have good sound quility too i love them!!!!:)

by on January 12, 2012

I just got these VE-12F and I when I hooked them to my JVC receiver powered by a 110 watt per channel output, man let me tell you, it rocks. the bass is outstanding, it's like they were made for each other. I definitely recommend them.

by on December 17, 2011

I have a set of 4 OHM Cerwin Vega VS-150's powered by a 350 watt per channel Denon POA 2800 AMP,So I didn't know what to expect from these 12" 8 OHM speakers.These VE-12f are powered by a 100 watt per channel Denon Avr-888 reciever and you have to just about cut it up all the way to get the bass to hit really hard, but I have no promblem with any of the drivers being over powered,So I hooked them up to my POA 2800 that puts out 200 watts at 8 0hms.All I can say is WOW!!! They took it all the way no promblem.They were shaking everything in the house like the 15" VS-150'S they really held their own. I still like my VS-15'S the most but the VE-12F'S don't dissapoint.They are power hunger I am going to get a amp with at least 200 watts per channel.

by on November 7, 2011

You need to feed enough power to this speaker (Most of CV towers)for right sound. Most of receiver's power in the market is not enough for 300w CV tower's right sound.

by on October 19, 2011

The Cerwin Vega VE12F's replaced a pair of Cerwin Vega LS12's, which were the best home speakers I'd heard. But I have to say the VE12F's sound even better ! The bass response is mind blowing and the mid/high ranges are sharp and clear. I would advise applying 100 watts nominal at the very least, otherwise the VE12F's won't even wake up. More would be better. I'm what would be viewed as an " Old School " rock and roller, but enjoy groups like Rammstein, Hammerfall, and I can say these speakers will amply handle ANY music you're into. I don't believe anyone could prove me wrong.

by on July 9, 2011

thanks a1 for the fast shipping of my ve 12 cerwin vegas, very impressed with the sound quality,great speakers for the price.thought i was going to have to spend about $1500. to get the sound qaulity i was looking for,couldnt be more pleased,really brought out the performance of my 500 watt pioneer reciever!thanks again a1.cant beleive anyone would have any complaints about these speakers.

by on June 21, 2011

well first thing is that i have a pioneer thx certified av reciever and when i first hooked the vegas up they didnt sound right. i new something was wrong in the recievers settings and it was the auto setup set them to small and adjusted the eq wrong. did a little self adjusting and they came to life. good hard bass and if the pioneer reciever is adjusted right it doesnt hold anything back it lets them have all its power and they sound great. remember vegas are high wattage loud speakers and only sound good with the right adjustment.

by on May 28, 2011

Bought a pair just about two years ago. I always was familiar with Cerwin-Vega product, with is excellent for the price but hard to find, so thanks to A1 for being a seller of this great old brand. They sound excellent. Everything from rock to Bach comes through sounding clear and "in your face". Yeah they are heavy. Yeah, they are big. (Sounds like someone did not check the specs before buying.) That's why I will get another pair for the garage instead of moving these back and forth. Bass out of my VE12s is just fine, and I only have a Scott 85-watt receiver that is 35 years old. Speakers can only reproduce what is fed into them. If you are feeding them weak signal, you will get weak sound. Simple as that. Price wise....News Flash!...your most important part of your music system is your speakers. Cheap will sound Cheap. Been there, done that. You are not paying for a name here. You are paying for quality prduct.

by denny on March 8, 2011

I am very impressed with the power and sound clarity very good deal

by denny on March 8, 2011

Lets talk bang for the buck. As an owner of a pair of cerwin vega D-3's when it was time to upgrade cerwin vega was my first choice and a good one it was. The VE-12 speakers give you exactly what you would expect from a good pair of loud speakers. From the 70's rock that i love to the jazz and blues music i listen to daily these speakers cover the full spectrum. Give them the proper time to break in and you will love what they give you back. As for A-1 components I am amazed at just how great a company this is. The staff are not only friendly but will help you in every step of the way and in any way they can. (Julie your the best!) Thanks A-1

by denny on March 8, 2011

After reviewing ALL feedbacks for these speakers, I finally decided to buy a pair. The VE-12 F arrived quickly - I give A1 a credit for that, but other than that I think these speakers are well-overrated and overpriced. First, they doesn't stand to the dimensions, back-breaking weight (and the price in this case), considering the low's (bass) in particular. The bass on these VE12 is so poor that I need to crank it using equalizer. Highs and mids are somewhat great, but oh boy, does it lack a bass! My brand new Pioneer receiver doesn't help either in cracking up the bass either. Then I tried to exchange then just to find out that I need to pay for the shipping of $100 a piece! Make sure you hear the VE-12 FIRST at some music store before buying them!!!! (otherwise you would end up like me) Oh, did I say the take half of my room? (consider that too)

by denny on March 8, 2011

Awesome speakers for the price...very loud and clear. Quality built. You won't be dissapointed.

by denny on March 8, 2011

this thing pounds man i'm glad i got them they get a five star from me i will be one more very soon thank u a1 they came very fast to i order them yesterday in i got them to day

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