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Arlington Low Profile TV Box for Shallow Wall Depths (White)


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Description & Features

Arlington Low Profile TV Box for Shallow Wall Depths (White)

This slim, Low Profile TV Box is a breeze to install. It is primarily used for power and low voltage connections behind the TV when installing a flat screen (LCD, LED, Plasma) TV on 1/2" or 5/8" drywall with shallow wall depths.


Low Profile

This TV box is super slim allowing you to conserve space when you need to in your installation. Possibly you wanted to mount a TV where there are pipes for plumbing or other objects that are in the way of an in-wall TV box, now you won’t have to worry about having enough room.


Included in the Box

Inside of the box there is (1) TVL508 Low-Profile TV Box, (1) UL Listed Decorator Style Receptacle, and (1) Trim Plate. Installation screws are also included.


More Versatility

In new construction, this box can install horizontally or vertically. You can also install this box after construction for added versatility. These features make it convenient for you giving you more confidence when planning your install.


Arlington has been a leading manufacturer of quality electrical products and fittings since its founding in 1949. The company manufactures products that meet or exceed the changing needs of electrical distributors and contractors, with the vast majority produced in America.



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