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Advantage Speaker Distribution Hub Supports 8 pair speakers


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Description & Features

This multi-speaker distribution hub can be mounted on a wall, in a cabinet, or in a standard 19-inch rack system. It includes 8 stereo speaker outputs. Spring-loaded, push-button terminals are color-coded and will accept 12-22ga wire. The hub features integrated impedance protection that can be enabled or disabled, depending on the type of volume control that is used.
    IMPORTANT: Check your amplifier for impedance specifications prior to operating or disabling the impedance protection circuit.
  • With the impedance protection switched ON, the hub will handle up to 60W RMS per Channel.
  • With the impedance protection switched OFF, the hub will handle up to 100W RMS per Channel.
  • Dimensions: 19in W x 3-1/5in H x 2-1/4in D

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by denny on March 8, 2011

I found A1 Components though Google and this Distribution Hub is exactl what I wanted, at a really low price. Much less than Best Buy. Fast delivery and outstanding product. It's not plastic, but steel, very sturdy, excellent sodering work, and easily mountable. Will show with A1 again.

by denny on March 8, 2011

Works as described. Great unit!

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