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Advantage 100 Watt Resistor Based Volume Control, White


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Description & Features

Resistor Based Volume Control, 100 Watt, White
The Advantage series of transformerless volume controls offer the widest frequency response of any volume control on the market. This results in virtually no high or low end roll-off which delivers excellent sound quality. More common autoformer type volume controls can not generate this level of sound quality. All volume controls feature two ounce, double-sided G10 glass epoxy PCBs, a non-shorting design utilizing a "make before break" switch which protects your amplifier from receiving a damaging dead-short. The volume controls feature 14 gauge solderless terminals with easy, top-mount connection.

It is recommended that this volume control be mounted in a "backless" junction box. If an enclosed box is to be used, we recommend a deep box (3.5 inches in depth).

  • 100 watts maximum peak power
  • 60 watts continuous power
  • Transformerless design
  • Removable right angle solderless speaker terminals
  • 11 Position
  • 36 dB of attenuation
  • Screws, color coded knob, included
  • Decora cover plate included

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