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ASKA SCS2A 2-amp Diplexer for Dish Pro+, DNA


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Description & Features

Model SCS-2A Dish Pro Diplexer - 2 Amp current capability (5-2150MHz) This Diplexer is Dish approved and features low insertion loss on both U/V and Sat port. Higher Return Loss, High Isolation (stop band rejection). 2 AMP 28VDC current capability on Sat port - power passing. Solder back cover for excellent RFI shielding. Complies with CEA-897 color coding.
    Frequency Range
  • UHF- PORT: 5-40 MHz
  • VHF-PORT: 50-806 MHz
  • Satellite: 950-2150MHz
    Insertion Loss (dB Max.)
  • UHF- PORT: 1.5dB
  • VHF-PORT: 1.5dB
  • Satellite: 1.7dB
    Return Loss: (dB Min.)
  • UHF- PORT: 10dB
  • VHF-PORT: 13dB
  • Satellite: 14dB
  • Stop band rejection (Isolation): 38dB
  • DC current capability (Sat port): 2 Amp Max. 28VDC

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