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ACT AL-MP-750-9-C Mount Pad for Zip Ties, 100 pack (Clear)


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Description & Features

ACT AL-MP-750-9-C Mount Pad for Zip Ties, 100 pack (Clear)
So you can’t find a place to zip tie your wire leaving your cables hanging in the way? You can keep your cable and wire setup clean with cable ties and mounting pads from ACT. Mounting pads allow you to keep the cable tie heads from sliding and help maintain the placement of your wiring setup.

The patented Stay-n-Place tab keeps cable tie heads from sliding down behind bundle during vertical applications and maintains placement during horizontal applications.

The easy insertion of ACT’s patented Lead-n-Feature, funnels cable ties into position and countersunk screw hole allows cable tie to easily pass over the screw head.

Save Time
These pads save positioning time with its 4 sided entry. This allows you to mount any which way without worrying where to slide our zip ties.

Safe and Secure
These mount pads are UL recognized, ROHS compliant, and even offer a screw hole for extra holding power.

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