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ACT 7” Cold Weather Ties, 100 pack (Black)


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Description & Features

ACT 7” Cold Weather Ties, 100 pack (Black)

When you guys talk, we listen. We’ve heard of too many instances when installers’ wire ties snap like uncooked spaghetti noodles due to the cold weather. That’s why we picked these up. The Act Cold Weather Ties will stay in tact no matter how cold it is. Just like a polar bear, these tough little ties love staying in the freezing cold!


And We Mean COLD

These wire ties were tested for application performance at a tundra-like -20°C / -4°F. They’re made of a plastic that’s material rated at -40°C / -40°F per ISO180. That’s just the technical way of saying that its plastic construction is really TOUGH.


Enhanced Flexibility & Strength

Sometimes your installs can be risky. Anytime you’re 15 feet high on a ladder you’re at risk. That’s why you need ties that aren’t going to make you lose your balance because they snapped mid-pull. The ACT wire ties are made with enhanced flexibility and strength, guaranteeing you a safe and easy install.


Resealable Package

This product comes in a resealable package to prevent spill-outs and to keep you organized.


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