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50ft 16 Gauge 2 Wire Speaker Cable - Black


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Description & Features

Item 12866: SKL2001K 16ga 2-wire Speaker Cable, CL2 UL, 50ft on a sturdy paper spool

A good solid connection is essential for best performance of any audio system. Skyline high performance cable is excellent for in-home audio applications.

  • 16awg, 2-conductor
  • Conductor material: Stranded bare copper
  • Construction: 65/0. 16BS ± 0.008mm
  • Stranded diameter: 1.48mm
  • Insulation Material: 32P 60°C PVC
  • Insulation Nom Thickness: 0.41 (ref.)
  • Insulation Diameter: 2.3

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by Todd on November 2, 2011

I installed The SIIG 16GA In-Wall Speaker Wire for my Home Theater System. The Spool says it's UL CL2-rated but there is no UL logo which means it's not UL "approved". Also the Wire itself is not labeled at all. I ran out of SIIG Wire and finished the project with SKYLINE 16GA In-Wall Speaker Wire. The Skyline is significantly more flexible. The Skyline spool has the UL CL-2 LOGO on it AND the Speaker Wire itself is printed with with the Gauge, Strands, and UL info. The most interesting thing was that the Skyline seemed to have less copper in it compared to the SIIG. The Skyline wires were Black & Red. The SIIG wires were Black & White. Personally I felt they both were adequate for Home Stereo use. The SIIG says it has a Lifetime Warranty and that it's made in China. The Skyline does not say where it's made. That being said, I'm not sure HOW you could make a claim later on the SIIG since the wire is completely without labeling anywhere on it whatsoever.

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