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4UCT25 Under carpet tape 25FT


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Description & Features

LSD1047 25ft Under Carpet Fish Tape

Our 25ft Stainless Steel Under Carpet Fish Tape is intended for running low voltage wiring between a carpet and pad. The metal tape is constructed of a high grade stainless steel, ¾”

wide by 25ft long and comes in a durable plastic storage case. A curl on the leading end provides a non-snagging tip to tunnel under carpet to your destination even over waffle type padding. Both ends have attachment points for wiring or pull cord.


The Under Carpet Fish Tape slides smoothly between carpet and pad.


Running Wire Between Carpet and Padding


How to complete:


1)       When fishing wire under carpet, always run it between carpet and padding to create a double cushion to protect the wire. Never staple or tape the wire as traffic could create damage to the wire jacket resulting in a short-circuit.

2)       Insert the rolled-up end of the Under Carpet Tape (UCT) between the carpet and padding. Then feed the (UCT) to the wires destination, strip the end of the wire and attach it to the rolled end of the UCT. Feed the (UTC) back into its case as it brings the wire to you. (The rounded end of the UTC is for running over waffle type padding.)


NOTE: Do not staple or tape the wire; avoid traffic areas. Always review and follow applicable codes and regulations.

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