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3M™ 4” Fire Barrier Putty Sleeve Kit

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Description & Features

3M™ 4” Fire Barrier Putty Sleeve Kit
Deliver fire and cable protection with ease. 3M™ 4” Fire Barrier Putty Sleeve Kits meet firestop codes for installation of cable and blank applications. Each kit is complete with brackets, sleeve, screws, identification labels, and 3M™ Fire Barrier Moldable Putty+.

This kit was designed for use in concrete floors, walls, block walls, and gypsum wall boards. An easy-slit label on the sleeve allows for quick splitting for retrofitting around existing cables. Bracket plates cover smooth, rough, or irregular shaped openings.

Made for use with both new and retrofitting construction, this system offers dual fire and cable through penetration protection. The components all meet firestop code for installation of cable and blank applications. UL tested and fire rated up to 4 hours per ASTM E814 (UL1479), this kit also is colored red for easy identification and inspection.

The brackets and sleeve work in tandem to help prevent slipping during installation so the sleeve won’t pull out. Cover smooth and rough irregular shaped openings with the bracket plate to fit a variety of installation needs.

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